The Ultimate NZ Moving House Checklist [Part 9]

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Last Updated January 2, 2021

One Day To Go! 

If you’ve been keeping up, then your last day before moving won’t be the blind panic it might have been.

Clear your head. Today’s all about tomorrow, and making sure you are ready for the big day.

52. Packing Company Day

If you opted to have your moving company or a packing company do the job for you, this is their day. They’ll usually want to pack up your goods the day before the move.

You’re not completely off the hook, though. You’ll need to be around to tell them what gets packed, and what’s staying, and what goes where in your new home.

53. One Final Check

Everything should be ready for the move tomorrow. Time for a final inspection to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

54. One Last Call

Those friends and family members who are helping you tomorrow — if they haven’t already been in touch, give them a reminder. And make sure they also know your new address.

55. Fill Up

If you’re driving any distance in your car, or plan to be going back and forth, make sure you’ve got a full tank. And, while you’re at it, check tyre pressure and oil. The last thing you need on your moving day is a puncture or breakdown.

56. House (and Other) Keys

You’ve got the keys for your new house, right? You should have them on you before the movers arrive tomorrow. If they were left with your realtor or you made other arrangements for their handover, it’s time you picked them up.

Check you have all the keys you need for the new property and, time permitting, that they all work.

Along with your spare house keys, gather together any other keys (including any keys for sheds, gates, and mailboxes) and leave them for the new owner as arranged.

57. Charge Up

Make sure your phone is fully charged for moving day. Your phone charger should be with your Essentials box, remember? Make sure you keep your phone (and charger) near you.

58. Pack an Overnight Bag

If you’re moving far away, you’ll already have a suitcase. But if you’re moving nearby you’ll still want to have things handy for the first night at your new home, for every member of your family. Include such things as pyjamas, toiletries, and medication, and a change of clothes for the next morning.

Everything else you’ll need on that first night and morning (such as towels, pillows, and bed linen) should be in your Essentials box (or boxes).

59. Prepare a Chilly Bin

If you’re bringing some refrigerated items with you, you’ll need a chilly bin and frozen ice packs (or a bag of ice, which you can get from your nearest garage in the morning).

60. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Try to get to bed early. You need to be well rested when you get up in the morning. You want to be at your best to deal with the demands of what can be a very stressful day.

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