The Ultimate NZ Moving House Checklist [Part 6]

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Last Updated January 2, 2021

Three Weeks To Go 

Even when you’re making good progress, there’s still a lot to get done in the next three weeks. 

Check these things off and you’ll be feeling even better prepared for moving day.

22. Declutter — Don't Put It Off

If you haven’t already sold off what you’re not taking with you, get onto it.

Organise a garage sale, list your stuff on Trade Me, Neighbourly or Facebook, or donate what’s left if you don’t want to store it or move it.

23. Organise Those Packing Boxes

How’s that packing going? Make sure boxes are clearly labelled, numbered, and you’ve recorded their details in your inventory list.

If you’re running behind schedule and not sure how (or if) you’ll ever finish packing, this would be a good time to ask friends for help. Don’t forget that your moving company should also be able to help.

Or you can contact dedicated packing professionals like Moving Maids in Auckland (they can also help clean up your house); or The Finishing Touch (servicing Auckland, as well as Palmerston North, Wellington, and Christchurch).

24. Clean Up Outdoor Gear

Make sure to clean up any gardening equipment you’re bringing with you, along with any outdoor furniture, barbecues, and garden statuary. If you’re shipping any of it overseas, it’ll need to be spotless.

25. Clear Out Storage Spaces

If you haven’t got to it yet, it’s time to clear out your attic, workshed, gardening shed, garage and any storage spaces. Organise someone to do it for you, if need be.

26. Still Selling Your House?

If you’re still to sell your house but will be moving anyway, speak to your real estate agent about hiring staging furniture once your furniture has been moved out.

27. Say All Your Goodbyes At Once

Try not to leave all your goodbyes to the last minute. If you’ve still got a lot of friends and/or family to farewell, plan an afternoon or evening gathering where everyone can be there.

28. House Keys

If you don’t already have house keys for your new home, schedule a time to pick them up or make sure they are left with the real estate agent. Check that you have all the keys you need, and (where possible) that they all work.

You’ll also need to arrange handing over keys to the buyer of your house. Don’t forget spare keys you’ve loaned out to friends, neighbours, pet carers, or cleaners.

29. Your New Alarm System

If there’s an alarm system in the house you’re moving into, make sure you know the code to use.

Similarly, if your current house has an alarm system you’ll need to share the details with the buyer. Be sensible — change the code if necessary so that you are not sharing one you also use for other things and that, in the wrong hands, grants access to much more than an empty house.

30. Use Up Your Frozen Food

You don’t want any frozen food to go to waste. Plan your menus for the days ahead so that you work through what you can that’s in the freezer.

31. Have Replacements Handy

Make sure you know what things you need to replace at your new home, such as lightbulbs, shower curtains, and smoke alarm batteries. You might run out of time or simply forget to take care of these things on moving day, so purchase them in advance.

32. Taking Things in Your Car

You’ll still need to see out the back window, so make sure that everything you plan to take in your car will actually fit. Consider hiring a trailer, if you think you’re going to need it.

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As a result, he's learned many lessons about how to make moving as painless as possible. He shares his tips here.

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