The Ultimate NZ Moving House Checklist [Part 5]

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Last Updated January 2, 2021

Four Weeks To Go 

You may be feeling like you’ve got this handled, with time to spare.

But it’s important you stay on track. 

Let up now and you’ll be pushing hard to make up for lost time later.


17. Change of Address

NZ Post offers a handy free online service called Change that allows you to notify government departments, organisations and companies of your change of address.

Before you start, you’ll need to verify your identity and have customer or account numbers handy.

But don’t leave it at that. Some organisations you contact through Change will also want to get in touch with you to verify your identity. And it’s always a good idea to make sure you directly inform your bank, credit card companies, internet and utility providers, and other important companies of your move.

If your house will temporarily be vacant after your move, have a neighbour or close friend check and forward any mail to you that arrives before the new owner moves in. And, of course, let the new owner know your address for any mail that might still slip through the net.

Besides letting your bank know your new address you may want to transfer your bank account to a branch in your new location.

You will need to confirm turn off/turn on dates with your internet and utility companies, while providing them with adequate notice (usually at least 30 days). It will help towards a problem-free changeover if you find out which internet and utility companies are currently servicing your new home.

NZ Post can also redirect mail whether you’re moving within New Zealand or going overseas. The redirect service is for a minimum two months, or for as long as 12 months. Fees apply depending on duration, with discounts for arranging the service online and for seniors.

You’ve probably done so already, but if you’ve forgotten in all the excitement, you should let your friends and family know about your move. If you’re moving any distance, make sure to allow time in the coming weeks to say your goodbyes.

Plan for some evenings out where you can relax and think about other things, not just the packing you still need to do.

young kids

18. Moving With Young Children

Do yourself a favour — hire a babysitter for the moving day. And book ahead to be sure of getting help.

school kids

19. Moving With School-Age Children

If you're moving out of your children's current school zone then you'll need to arrange for them to enroll at schools in your new location. We're assuming you've done this by now.

Make sure you have your children’s school records and provide them to their new schools. You may also want to get in touch with their new school(s) so that you can visit before that all-important first day.

cleaning new house

20. Start With a Clean Slate

If you have access to your new house, and the previous owners have moved out, consider organising cleaners to do a thorough clean up before you move in.

If it’s been left spotless, great, but there’s no better time than when the house is empty to make sure that everything is really clean.

Pay attention to places that often get overlooked — such as blinds, stoves, oven hoods, refrigerators, the tops of cabinets, and under shelves.

21. Driving Or Shipping Your Car?

If you’re moving any great distance and not planning to drive your car, make arrangements to have your car shipped or transported to your new home.

If you’re driving to your new home, and the journey’s a long one, think about where you’ll break your journey and book your overnight accommodation. Now.

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