The Ultimate NZ Moving House Checklist [Part 10]

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Last Updated January 2, 2021

Moving Day 

This is it. The big day. 

A lot can still go wrong. But stick to our checklist, and you’ll get it done right. 

61. Get an Early Start

Get up early enough so that you still have time to finish up any last minute tasks, and have everything ready before the moving company shows up. If you still have a few things to do, don’t delay — try to get them done right away.

62. Take Care of Young Children

Did you arrange to have them stay at daycare, at a friend’s house, with family or with a babysitter? Drop them off or make sure they’re picked up on time (before any packers or movers arrive).

63. Look Out For Your Pets

If you’ve already made arrangements, drop your pets off so that they are out of harm’s way while you’re moving. It’s a good idea to arrange for them to be looked after for a few days, not just for the day itself. That way, things will have calmed down and you’ll have done much of the unpacking before their return.

If you’ve decided to keep your pets with you during moving day, be careful to make sure they don’t run away. Before you start moving anything and before the movers arrive, secure them in their pet carriers. Make sure they have what they need — and, to help calm them, put some old clothing inside each carrier that has your smell on it.

64. Strip the Beds

Pack your bedding and anything that still remains to be packed such as towels and toiletries.

65. Pack Breakfast Things AwaY

They say that breakfast is the most important meal — so have a hearty helping, because with everything going on you might not have time for lunch!

Once you’re done, pack away any breakfast items — you’ll probably want to make sure they go in your Essentials box for your first morning in the new house. Butter, milk, yogurt and anything else that normally goes in the fridge can come with you in a chilly bin.

66. Keep Separate What Goes With You

If you’re taking things with you in your car, make sure they don’t get mixed in with the items that the removal company is taking. That includes your overnight bag, suitcase, chilly bin, Essentials box, and any fragile items or things like plants that need to go with you.

67. Marshall the Troops

Are you moving everything yourself, and counting on friends to help you with the move? Get in touch with any volunteers who you haven’t heard from and who are yet to show up.

68. load the Truck Properly

If you’re doing things yourself, make sure you get it right. Boxes go in first (except for those you need immediately on arrival; those should be the last ones you load). Large furniture goes next; heavy appliances like fridges, washers, and stoves go in last.

Strap or rope large items to the sides of the truck to keep them from moving around and getting damaged or damaging other items.

69. Greet Your Movers

Show them around the house. Don’t forget to show them where the bathroom is, should anyone need to use it.

Point out the stuff they will be moving, including anything that needs to be dismantled. And show them what stuff you are moving yourself.

70. Tick Those Boxes Off

The first boxes the moving company loads into the truck will be the last ones out when they unload. If there are boxes you’ll need access to urgently, make sure they are the last to be loaded (and not stuck at the back of the truck).

As the movers load your boxes into the truck, make sure you check them off your inventory list. You’ll be doing the same thing at the other end when they’re unloaded.

Pay attention. Make sure that nothing gets missed.

71. Keep Parts Safely Secure

If beds, tables, and other furniture are being disassembled on the day, make sure you bag the screws, nuts, washers, and bolts so that they are not mislaid. Label each bag and add them to your Essentials box.

72. Confirm Delivery Details

Make sure the moving company has the correct address for your new house and has decided on the best route to get there. Know alternative routes in case there are traffic issues (such as accidents, or detours for roadworks) on the day. You’ll need to get there before them so that they have access, and so that you can oversee the unloading.

73. Renting? Get Your Bond Back

You arranged timing with your landlord for your final inspection, and you need to make sure that you’ve cleaned everything up by then.

Your rental should be in the same condition as when you moved in to be sure of getting your bond back.

74. Take Your Utility Readings

Record your final meter readings for water, electricity, and gas. For your records, take photos with your phone. Then switch everything off.

75. Final inspection

Do a final review of your old house and property to make sure nothing’s been overlooked.

76. Shut the Door — It’s Time to Leave

Check that all windows are firmly shut and that all doors are locked.

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