Moving House Tips and Tricks

Your impartial guide to moving house in New Zealand

We all wish that moving house was a whole lot easier.

Less stressful. Less expensive.

But there’s usually a lot to organise, and too many things to do.

It’s demanding. It’s exhausting. And things can easily go wrong.

There has to be a better way, right?

Here’s the secret: there usually is. The key to any successful move, we’ve learnt, is to start early, and plan properly.

Even when time is against you and you have to move quickly, when you have a good plan to follow it makes everything easier

And that’s what this website is about. We’re here to help you sort out your options, and get moving.

Start reading. You’ll find out what you have to do, and when.

No matter if you are doing everything yourself, or paying for professional help, we want to make sure you have the answers you need with free, impartial advice.

If you’ve got a question about moving that you can’t find an answer to, contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

Here’s the key to a successful move: start early, and plan properly. Know what you’ve got to do, and when.

The Ultimate NZ House Moving Checklist [2021]

There’s lots to be done moving house - so much it can seem overwhelming. Use this checklist & take the stress out of moving.


We’re a couple of Kiwi mates who’ve each moved many times during our lives. (But don’t ask us who’s moved the most — we’re still having that argument).

Chatting over beers one day, we realised that, while there’s lots of information online about moving, much of it isn’t relevant to NZ. And what little there is comes from removal companies who are obviously trying to sell their services.

So we decided that sharing our experience, and providing some independent tips and advice wouldn’t go amiss. Hope it helps!

Got a story of your own or some tips that you want to share? Please get in touch.